UPDATE: On June 1, 2012, the Dominican Republic made changes to their laws which pertain to applying for permanent residency. They have changed the provisional residency period from one year to five years. What this means is that you must renew provisional residency four times (for a total of five years) before you are able to apply for permanent residency. Information below is being updated now and will be posted shortly.

Whether you want residency or a DR passport or just simply wish to live in the Dominican Republic, we offer a service to expedite the process and make it so you don't have to do a thing except for follow our instructions. We do all the work. We will even suggest hotels for you and pick you up at your hotel in Santo Domingo when you arrive to apply for residency or citizenship.

Through our service, we make getting a Dominican Republic passport easier than almost any other passport in the world. All you need to do is:

Call or Email us to request our services
We will advise you on the process (more on that below)
We will arrange a time and recommend hotels for you to fly into the Dominican Republic
We will arrange a time and place to meet you in the capital, Santa Domingo
We will have a concierge drive you to the government and medical offices to do the requisite applications
The total process usually does not take longer than a day
We will then drop you off at your hotel

A few months later your residency card or passport (depending on what you applied for) will be ready and we will again arrange a time for you to return and our concierge will again pick you up to go to the government office to retrieve your documents This service was designed by world famous expatriation writer and speaker, Jeff Berwick, who writes the newsletter, The Dollar Vigilante (http://dollarvigilante.com). Jeff's newsletter has thousands of subscribers who have an interest in internationalizing their affairs and he received overwhelming requests to set-up an all-in-one, easy and fast way to get residency and a passport in an internationally recognized jurisdiction. Jeff considered many countries and finally settled on the Dominican Republic as being the easiest, cheapest and most accessible option for most people.

Why does he believe the Dominican Republic is better in this regard than most jurisdictions?

The Dominican Republic is very close and easily accessible to those who live in the United States (it is only 3.5 hours from New York, or 2 hours from Miami), Canada and Europe (9 hour direct flight from many European capitals)

The process is incredibly easy. For each document (provisional residency, permanent residency and passport) you will just be required to visit the DR for one day to apply for the documents. You can then leave and only need to return a few months later when the documents are ready. You can go through the entire process of getting residency through to getting a passport without having to spend more than a few days total in the DR. There is no requirement for you to be there if you do not wish to be

Getting residency and/or a passport in the DR is cheaper than almost any other country in the world with citizenship programs starting at just $12,000 per adult applicant

The Dominican Republic passport is widely recognized and is good for visa-free travel throughout much of latin America

The DR only taxes its residents and citizens on money earned in the DR. Therefore, for those who earn their income in other jurisdictions, having a DR residency or passport could mean not paying any taxes on your earned income (check with your own tax advisor on whether this applies to you or not)


The Dominican Republic is a beautiful, diverse and freedom-minded country in the caribbean. It is only a short flight from the US or Canada and has numerous direct international flights from around the world including Europe, Central and South America.

The people in the DR encompass the full range of colors from very white to very black - and they all live in harmony.

The country is a world famous tourist destination and has countless beautiful beaches and cities.

For those interested in living in the DR, its cost of living is much cheaper than in the US or Europe. You can live very well on $1,500/month in the Dominican Republic.


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