UPDATE: As of May 2013, the Ministry of Interior has increased its required donation for Cambodian economic citizenship to 300,000,000 Riels ($75,000) per investor. The Ministry of Interior's processing time for economic citizenship applications is now 2-3 months.

Song Saa Private Island - Gulf of Thailand - Cambodia

Jewel of the Orient

Cambodia is unique in every respect, from its ancient Khmer empire temples to the pristine forests of the Cardamom Mountains, to the great Tonle Sap lake that during the monsoon season fills to five times its dry season area, the largest body of freshwater in South East Asia, that reverses course once a year to empty back into the mighty Mekong River and hence out into the South China Sea. Cambodia is now the only place on the planet that has uninterrupted pristine rainforest extending from sea level to 1500 meters. Its 450 kilometer coastline was voted the finest in the world in 2010 by the Club of the World's Most Beautiful Bays, a 33 country member organization founded in Berlin in 1997.

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, was once referred to as the jewel of the orient by former French President Charles De'Gaulle, and rightly so. Even modern day Singapore's founding father and former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew visited Phnom Penh in 1968 seeking ideas and advice in planning his visions for the future layout of Singapore.

Cambodia is a young country with 60% of the population under the age of 18 years. The Khmers are the people and the language is Khmei, though these titles are interchangeable. The Khmei language is a monotone Sanskrit based language. It's not necessary to speak Khmer in Cambodia as English is now widely recognized as the country's most widely used 2nd language. Most Government officials speak English and some of the older ones speak French as well.

As its short general elections history from 1993 has demonstrated, Cambodia is in fact the freest, easiest and most welcoming country for foreigners in Indo China, and this includes Thailand. Whilst Thailand and Vietnam steal the limelight due to their much larger populations and economies, Cambodia exhibits the greatest opportunities for the small to medium investor due to its rebirthing of self into an explosive consumer market. Couple this with its extremely foreigner friendly local population and Cambodia truly is a great place to obtain citizenship.

Most foreigners don't realize that Cambodia has a US dollar economy, along with the local currency, the Riel, as the cents in every day monetary transactions. Cambodia is the only US dollar economy in Asia. Banks are very safe here and heavily regulated. A USD fixed deposit can return between 5.5% and 7% per annum, depending on the bank. For business people and investors, the real estate market and private loan market are extremely healthy. The small loans market runs parallel with, but outside, the banks and is totally private. Interest rates can run from 3% to 10% per month, or 36% to 120% per annum, which is extremely attractive to foreign investors along with the very low delinquency rates.

The Future of Phnom Penh - Diamond Island
Phnom Penh is open for business!

Cambodian Citizenship Program

TDV Passports' highly qualified agents in Cambodia spent nearly six months working directly with the Cambodian government to create a unique and exclusive citizenship investment program that only TDV is offering to the public. The overall incentive of the Cambodian citizenship program is geared toward encouraging foreign investment in both business and property in Cambodia. There is no requirement for income verification in order to apply for citizenship in Cambodia via the program, nor is there an assessment of, or limit to, how many other nationalities applicants may have.

TDV handles all aspects of the citizenship process from start to finish, including assistance with compiling the proper documentation, communications and representations to the Cambodian Ministry of Interior and other Government departments, which also includes proper submissions and the like. TDV also handles all transportation to and from the necessary appointments in Cambodia during the process, as well as transportation to and from hotels and the airport. Only two 3-day visits are required, one to initiate the citizenship process with a subsequent visit at the end to be fingerprinted, photographed and processed for your new Cambodian citizenship documents and passport.

While in Cambodia, TDV assists with, and educates clients on, our citizenship real estate investment program, which we are confident, will be of great interest to those participating in the citizenship program. The opportunities within the program are born from the decades of experience that TDV's lead agent has in the real estate development and building industry in Cambodia, subsequently affording our clients access to decades of knowledge into the real estate investment market, as well as sincere insight into our client's absolute best investment options, equating to extremely attractive returns on investment. Investment is not a requirement of the Cambodian citizenship program but more so is geared to encourage investment. Upon request, details of such investment opportunities, as well as total costs involved with the citizenship by investment program, can be explained more fully during a phone consultation with our staff either at our main office or in Cambodia.

Via the TDV program, Cambodian citizenship can be obtained as quickly as three months! Upon the completion of the citizenship process, TDV's Cambodia citizenship clients will receive: GET STARTED NOW

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